October 20, 2016


Battling the stigma of Red Car

Chances are, you know her face. And, if you have lived in Aurora for any length of time, chances are equally...


Street banners pay tribute to veterans, serving soldiers and the fallen

Albert Arcand, who will turn 98 next month, smiled as he looked skyward at the southwest corner of Yonge and Wellington Streets on Thursday afternoon.

Board should get rolling on Bayview Avenue high school, says Councillor

Talks should get underway between the Town of Aurora and the York Region District School Board on a new high school on Bayview Avenue near Borealis, according to Councillor John Abel.

Aurorans help Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer break records

Hockey and charity. Is there anything more Canadian? A team of local residents played a key role...

Saturday was Neighbourhood Network’s annual Fall Food Drive and volunteers from across northern York Region fanned out to local grocery stores to collect food and monetary donations for local food banks. Here in Aurora, the teams collected a total of 151 bags of food and an impressive $1,260 for the local food pantry. Auroran photo by Brock Weir

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Aurora moves to put a damper on train whistles

As the province moves towards ramping up GO Train service to Aurora, Aurora is taking preliminary action to make sure they’re not ramping up the volume as well.


Former student returns home to fight growing “epidemic”

Little more than a year ago, Darren Mason was just like any number of those “absolute idiots” you see on the road every day. He was something of a slave to technology texting and driving, but last July a personal tragedy helped transform his life and now the former Aurora student is taking his message on the road to make distracted driving a thing of the past.


Hillary House Ball promises An Affair to Remember

For over 80 years, the Empire State Building has been a landmark for generations of romantics, often fuelled by the on-screen romance of film icons Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.


One Book One Aurora is “great honour” for author Kim Echlin

Acclaimed author set to speak at Aurora Public Library this Saturday as the grand finale of the One Book One Aurora campaign.

Tough love for owners of vacant and derelict buildings could spur renewal: Council

It’s time to get tough on absentee landlords who are sitting on vacant buildings going steadily downhill, according to Council. Council last week approved laying the groundwork for a new bylaw which could put stiffer regulations on landowners to keep their properties up, in the interests of getting new businesses into the space and stimulate downtown renewal.

Parking changes cause problems for medical building

By Brock Weir Parking restrictions in Aurora’s Downtown Core continue to have a ripple effect, leaving a long-operating medical building caught in the crosshairs of a heated Council discussion last week. According to Councillor John Abel, newly-instituted three hour parking limits in the area, particularly Kennedy Street, are causing problems for the Aurora Medical Centre. In a notice of motion submitted to Councillors last week, he said the three-hour parking restrictions are keeping staff from parking on the streets, leaving patients, including seniors, to make the uphill hike to their appointments. He suggested the Town issue parking permits to staffers at no cost but, with area neighbours now required to pay $400 a year to park on their own streets, Council balked, arguing it could cause a double standard with one set of rules for residents and another for businesses. “The owner of the medical facility has advised me that the new parking restriction has imposed a great hardship on the operation,” said Councillor Abel. “He has instructed his able staff while they do a shift to park on Kennedy and parts of Gurnett to allow the spots for the people that really require it. Now they are getting ticketed. “He has appealed to me and Council to consider an allowance for the staff because if they park in their parking spaces that means people that can use it for three hours would be the ones that have the difficulties and they would be the ones using walkers and canes, etc., and would have to walk up the slope and up the street.” First to voice his concern to the suggestion was Councillor Paul Pirri, who said by going down this route Council would be making a decision based on a “siloed” one-off complaint without looking at the bigger picture. “We’re not looking at this from a holistic point of view,” he said, questioning the legal ramifications of such a move. “We’re not looking at this from any sort of planning process.” Councillor Michael Thompson added he agreed things need to be looked at from a holistic point of view. While this is just one particular business in question, giving its employees free parking permits might have wide-spread ripples. “We’re charging residents around Town Park $400 to park at Town Park for the year,” he said. “If I was one of those residents I think I would be noticeably upset that just a few blocks away, the Town is making special provisions. Then, all of a sudden I’m thinking why them and not me? When we first did it, we had some of those residents speaking to us and that is what we put in place. “I think if we’re going to make parking permits, we have to have the same system for both: either everybody pays or nobody pays. I have an issue that with this particular one it is no cost. I think you have to look at it from the big picture.” While Council ultimately voted to refer Councillor Abel’s motion to staff for a practical and legal comment, as well as the newly-reconstituted Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, which is expected to gear up this fall, he said he wanted to see a solution without a delay. “The ones that are effected are the ones that are most vulnerable,” he said. “If we’re going to be moving these people further away it is more of an arduous journey. You can paint it any way you want it, I am just addressing the needs of the ones who are most vulnerable. It is within our Council’s discretion to allow a small exemption on seven to nine parking spots as identified right on Kennedy and a couple on Gurnett. “It is very simple. If you had an elderly parent who was going there for quarterly visits and then they came home and said they had a fall because they had to go up the slope on Kennedy in the winter because staff were there, you might feel a little empathy for them.” Councillor Abel’s comment struck a nerve with some of his colleagues, including Councillor Jeff Thom who said nobody was looking to “cast anyone out” to a far-flung parking area. “It is always busy, there have always been parking issues, I get that, but we did implement parking restrictions to solve the parking of the GO commuters and it certainly is causing some unintended consequences. But, to solve one, we really do have to take a bird’s eye view and make sure we’re not just putting a Band-Aid on one area just to have it crop up in another area.” Added Councillor Paul Pirri: I take offence to the picture drawing that anybody who is opposed to this is in favour of having elderly citizens fall down on the ground. My grandmother does use the facility on a quarterly basis, so Councillor Abel’s argument, like the seniors he’s talking about, falls flat on its face. If we’re thinking about really fixing this issue, what we would be doing is putting parking spots designated for people with disabilities on site so that people who really do need to use the parking close to the facility can do that.”

Fees should be adjusted to get youth more active, say Councillors

User fees should be lowered at local recreation centres to encourage kids to get more active, according to Councillors.


Mayor’s Breakfast of Champions Spotlight: York Synchronized Swim Club

Olena Verbinska – winner of 8 & Under Provincial Novice Figures A member of our Under 8 team, Olena has swam with York Synchro for ...

Get technology working for your business at Aurora Chamber Tech Expo

The Aurora business community is invited to attend the inaugural Aurora Chamber Tech Expo during BDC’s Small Business Week. On Thursday October 20, 2016 from ...


Battling the stigma of Red Car

Chances are, you know her face. And, if you have lived in Aurora for any length of time, chances are equally...



Third period sinks Tigers at home against Fury

Add another three to the loss column for the Aurora Tigers, a growing statistic that is already pushing the them out of playoff contention early in the season.


Saints hockey’s Hillis to suit up for Team Canada

By Jake Courtepatte At just sixteen years of age, Cameron Hillis is hitting marks most Canadians can only dream of. The St. Andrew’s College Saints ...


Hometown Hockey lands in Newmarket

Connor McDavid may be the brightest hockey star from Newmarket, but Ron Maclean and his crew took the spotlight on Sunday when they made their first stop of the NHL season.


Mayor’s Breakfast of Champions Spotlight: York Synchronized Swim Club

Olena Verbinska – winner of 8 & Under Provincial Novice Figures A member of our Under 8 team, Olena has swam with York Synchro for ...


Aurorans help Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer break records

Hockey and charity. Is there anything more Canadian? A team of local residents played a key role...


Panthers win back-and-forth clash with Bluewater

A relatively slow start to the season for the Aurora Panthers of the Provincial Women’s Hockey League was ended by a high-scoring affair at the Aurora Family Recreation Complex on Saturday, with the Panthers besting the Bluewater Hawks 4 – 3.


Aurora United’s Adjei wraps up stellar season with brace

One of the semi-pro League 1’s most elite players was among rookie peers in a 4 – 2 win for Aurora United FC over Master’s Futbol last week. Simon Adjei capped off his rookie year in the Ontario soccer league with a pair of goals against the Toronto club, one of only a handful of regulars who dressed in Aurora’s final regular season match.


Huron Heights complete comeback in battle of the undefeated

A clash of titans on Friday left the Huron Heights Warriors as the only remaining undefeated team in York Region football.


Saints soccer looking to recapture CISAA title

The St. Andrew’s College Saints are on a path to revisit the magic that brought them the Canadian Independent School Athletic Association soccer championship in 2014 – and so far, they’re off to a good start.


Express Atoms win hometown tournament

The York-Simcoe Express Atoms have proved they are the best of the best in AAA minor hockey, and on home ice to boot.

Arts & Culture


Brandt, Doyle and newcomer Sheppard blow roof off Hoedown

Country star Paul Brandt, Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle, and Hoedown Showdown winner Mac Sheppard pooled their talents last week to blow the roof off York Region’s biggest party.

Culture Days at the Aurora Cultural Centre

By Jane Taylor Aurora Cultural Centre The Aurora Cultural Centre welcomes you for an afternoon of discovery and delight in celebration of Culture Days on ...


Multicultural pride showcased at rebooted festival

Organizers promise yearly festival will grow.


Explore the next phase of Love this season at Theatre Aurora

As a York Region paramedic, Sergio Calderon has experienced humanity in a way that is different from many people. He has been present where a person takes their first breath of life, holding them when they breathe their last, and, he says, everything in between. He has seen more than his fair share of grief, loss and tragedy, but there is...


Local talent takes on Rising Stars competition

Local dancers let their talent shine at the Canadian National Exhibition’s Rising Star Talent Competition this past weekend.

“Love Letters” performance will help revitalize Theatre Aurora

A.R. Gurney's popular two-person show opens Theatre Aurora's 2016 - 2017 season on September 18.


Aurora Historical Society branches out for Culture Days

This year, be ready for a double header from the Aurora Historical Society (AHS) for Culture Days on Saturday October 1.


Top 10 raise “goosebumps” in Hoedown Showdown

The judges have spoken, and the Top 10 contestants in the 2016 Hoedown Showdown preparing to work with mentors to bring out the country star inside them.


Thousands celebrate Tragically Hip in Aurora

Town Park was jam-packed with revellers on Saturday night to pay tribute to the iconic Tragically Hip and lead singer Gord Downie.


Theatre Aurora gets seriously fun with new theatre school

Getting up on stage and singing your heart out is one thing, but putting on an entire production is something else entirely. But, behind the scenes work is...