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By Scott Johnston

Why don’t you see more Aurora-based captions on T-shirts?
This thought came to me as I was reading Stephen’s column last week on this page, in which he described some humorous T-shirt messages that he had seen on a recent trip to Florida.
Why should Americans have all the fun? There are no end of thoughts about life in Aurora that we could display on our clothing.
For example, let’s welcome folks to our Town with the message “Enjoy your stay in Aurora.”
In smaller letters underneath it can clarify, “or in another local community if you plan to stay overnight in a hotel”.
But first we’d have to get them here. We could encourage visitors to Town with the T-shirt caption, “Come for the mural depicting Lorne Greene, stay for the traffic calming.”
Perhaps we could feature some local claims to fame.
How about a picture of a cactus, with the caption: “Aurora, home of the annual water ban.” Or, perhaps a photo of that ever-present yellow headed plant, framed with “Dandelion Capital of Ontario”.
If you wanted to boast about your personal successes here in Town, you could display a smiling face or thumbs up design with the message, “I turned left at Yonge and Wellington!”
Continuing with a vehicular theme, how about; “Aurora: Save me a parking spot if you can find one”.
Of course, the Town has a great history. Our distant past could be represented by a photo of a pile of logs explained as “Petch House – some assembly required”.
One could take a skewed nod to our recent past with “Digitize the BMO lollipop clock,” or stay more current with “My Peace Park includes military equipment”.
Looking forward to our future, a shirt could depict “Magna Headquarters: 1997 – 2017.” For those who are a tad cynical (not me!), this could be noted on a drawing of a tombstone.
We mustn’t forget the opportunities to celebrate our recreational activities. I can envision a smiling face with speech balloon saying, “I was so proud of the hole in one I got on the eighth hole at Aurora Highlands, I bought a house on the green!”
Another local area that could be singled out with a mention is “Library Square – celebrating 15 years of planning studies”. Perhaps written underneath in smaller print, “We’re halfway finished!” or “We’re still open to suggestions”.
With a nod to life in Town, we could have T-shirts promoting unlikely local organizations, such as the “Cell Tower Appreciation Society,” or the “Aurora Annual Tax Increase Cheerleaders,” or the “Support Super Mailboxes Club”.
The environmentally conscious in Town could sport T-shirts suggesting, “Reduce the use of TreeAzin – step on an Emerald Ash Borer.”
A nice graphic would be the two flags depicting the original Town crest, and the newer “You’re in good company” graphic, with the wording “Let’s confuse the issue of which one to fly by adopting a third flag.”
For those of us who want to boast about our local politicians, a great message would be, “My Council defers more things back to staff than your Council.”
Or, how about “Aurora Council – Lawsuit-free since 2016.”
These are just a few ideas. With the weather warming up and more people wearing T-shirts, I hope to see some other Aurora slogans this summer. Certainly, the options for expression about our Town are endless.
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