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INSIDE AURORA: Aurora Quiz – Part 5

July 11, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Scott Johnston

It’s once again time to find out how well you know the Town in which you live with our fifth Aurora Quiz.

As usual, the questions are a bit challenging, but to make it easier, all of them provide a 50% chance of being correct.

1. True or false; Aurora’s average annual temperature is only 6.8C.
2. According to the 2016 Census, what language was reported as being more frequently spoken at home in Aurora; French or Russian?
3. Are there more or fewer than 7 cell towers within the Town of Aurora?
4. Was The Holland River, which flows northwards through the east side of Town, named after a country or a person?
5. Does a location have to have a door in order to participate in Doors Open Aurora?
6. If you need a replacement tree on the boulevard in front of your property, is one of your options a spruce?
7. The proposed new theatre in Library Square will seat around 200 people. Does the Council Chamber at Town Hall seat this many?
8. There is a famous Disney princess whose name is Aurora. Do we know her better as Sleeping Beauty or Snow White?
9. True or false; Aurora’s current official Town Crier lives on a street called “Town Crier Lane”?
10. There’s been increased talk lately about the importance of continuing to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine. What percentage of the Town of Aurora is located on the moraine; more or less than 20%?
11. What’s interesting about “The Aurora Site”, a sixteenth century Huron-Wendat village located along the East Holland River: despite its name it is not located in Aurora, or it was discovered by an 11 year old on his way to school in 1923?
12. True or false; there are streets in Aurora named after 5 of the 12 months of the year.
13. How many items are borrowed annually from the library; more or less than 500,000?
14. True or false; the old Post Office building on Yonge Street, built in 1915 and currently the home of The Auroran newspaper, was the Town’s fourth post office.
15. Which of these institutions is older; the Aurora Lawn Bowling Club, or St Andrew’s College?
16. Which town’s Councillors have a higher annual salary; Aurora or East Gwillimbury?
17. Aurora’s coat of arms features a plough. True or false; in a nod to its roots, Aurora’s Swedish twin city Leksand’s coat of arms features an axe?
18. Who was Annie Dunning; an 1800s resident thought to haunt a restaurant on Yonge Street, or Aurora’s first female firefighter in 1958?
19. True or false: one of the reasons that the Aurora Tigers hockey team recently updated its tiger themed logo is that the previous one depicted a mountain lion.
20. What happened in Aurora on July 29, 2015; the first wedding ceremony was conducted at Town Hall, or all time attendance over ten years at the Concerts in the Park reached 100,000?

Answers below.

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1. True, even if it is hard to believe based on recent temperatures
2. Russian – 1,115 speakers to 275 who spoke French
3. More – at least 20 used by Bell, Telus, Rogers and other companies
4. A person – it was named in 1793 after Major Samuel Holland, Surveyor General of Upper Canada
5. No, various open air locations have been featured over the years including the Farmers’ Market, the garden at Merlin’s Hollow, and the Aurora Cemetery
6. No, conifers aren’t on the list of 42 different species that the Town allows to be planted on residential boulevards, only deciduous trees
7. No, the Chamber only accommodates 120 people
8. Sleeping Beauty
9. True – it’s located in Markham, where he is also that municipality’s Crier
10. More – the moraine underlies about 55% of the Town
11. It’s not located in Aurora, but in Whitchurch-Stouffville
12. False – only two so far: April and October
13. More – in 2016 over 685,000 items were borrowed digitally or in hard copy
14. True – it was replaced by the one on Wellington Street East, which became the fifth and final one before it too, was closed
15. St Andrews, which opened in 1899. The Lawn Bowling Club was established 15 years later in 1914.
16. East Gwillibury’s elected officials at over $44k a year make about 50% more than Aurora’s Councillors, who make just under $29k
17. False – it depicts a key
18. The ghost of Annie Dunning has been reportedly seen several times over the years in the building that currently houses The Filly and Co.
19. False – of course it was a tiger !
20. The first wedding

0 – 5 You’re not from around here, are you?
6 -10 Not bad – you’re obviously a local
11 -18 Well done – you’ve been reading The Auroran
19 -20 Congratulations, you must have been a Citizen of the Year



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