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Terry Fox Run brings community together

By Tony Pearson Ron Speck is a cancer survivor of six years standing; he feels he owes his life to recent research on cancer.  So he determined that he wanted to get the Terry Fox run back up and running ...

Value defined by more than just price

“Like sculpting or painting, sewing is an art form in itself,” Irene Schreier said. “We have to get back to a mentality where we make things worth repairing.”

Bancroft says goodbye to sustainable building class

By Nate Smelle Community members from Bancroft and beyond gathered out front of the newly constructed straw bale canteen in Riverside Park on Friday, Aug. ...


Newf Friends raises $26,500 for Newfs-in-need

Three days of peace, love and eternal “Newfiness” came to a close on Sunday, Sept. 14 at the public beach on Old Diamond Lake Road where it all began two days earlier.

They’re off: Election horse races in Wollaston, Limerick and Tudor and Cashel

By Jim Eadie It appears that interest in the business of Wollaston Township council is at a fever pitch this election year with no less ...

North Hastings Community Trust reaches fundraising goal

31 per cent of households in Bancroft receive social assistance compared to 14.7 per cent for Hastings County and 9.7 per cent for the province.

Council approves community improvement plan

After two full public meetings, the long-discussed Community Improvement Plan was finally adopted at last week’s meeting of Bancroft Council; the vote was unanimous.


Ex-Soviet spy breaks 50 years of silence in new book

“The worst part of it was the bombs falling all around you, fires everywhere and you couldn’t get out,” said Andy Klashenko.

Cockburn communicates compassion through his music

Whether he is singing about Where the Death Squad Lives in Guatemala, or If a Tree Falls, Cockburn is able to communicate his impression of the world within and outside of him in a way that is distinctly Canadian.

Tour group gathers to watch rare species-at-risk

By Jim Eadie At dusk Monday, July 21 a Bancroft OPP two-person patrol car checked out suspicious activity at a private parking lot in the ...

Plans to build municipal voters list problematic

New arrangements to build an accurate voters list for the upcoming municipal election on Monday Oct. 27 have some local municipal clerks a bit nervous. The voters list for municipal elections are prepared in Ontario by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), the same folks who evaluate properties to determine property tax assessments.

Community News

Larnell Harris

Five-time Grammy award winner comes to Coe Hill

By Jim Eadie There were a lot of very talented and some high ranking individuals who attended Warriors’ Day at Coe Hill on the Labour ...

Bancroft council pushes for more provincial funding

By Tony Pearson The Bancroft town council didn’t withdraw from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) – but it plans to send AMO a ...


Northern Stars wrap up hockey school

By Nate Smelle The Northern Stars Hockey School (NSHS) wrapped up over the weekend with a triple-header, that saw the 99 boys and girls in ...


Bancroft fire fighters purchase new equipment

By Tony Pearson Both the Bancroft and Dungannon fire fighters have done a lot of fundraising over the past year, and now they have some ...


Dream comes true for local artist

By Bill Kilpatrick On Saturday, Aug. 30 at 1 p.m. the Art Gallery of Bancroft held their opening reception for Anka Milligan’s various media show ...

McCaw takes on McComb

The 2014 Municipal elections will be held this fall on Monday, Oct. 27.


Chapin uses music to bring people together

"If you are trying to create something, and you are giving something to people it has an authenticity," said singer/songwriter Jen Chapin.

Celebrating Pride in Maynooth

By Jim Eadie One month following the huge World Pride 2014 celebrations in Toronto, the annual Pride event was held in Maynooth at the Arlington ...


‘We All Have A Dream,’ says Drennan

“It’s an amazing place, and the birthplace of a lot of creativity,” said Drennan.

Official plan rears its ugly head again in Wollaston

Wollaston Township council had good news on at least two fronts at their July 8 regular meeting. The chief building officer (CBO) report for the month contained very positive development numbers including 37 building permits having been issued or in progress for this year.