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INSIDE AURORA: Aurora Quiz – Part 6

March 1, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By Scott Johnston

It’s once again time to find out how well you know the Town in which you live with Inside Aurora’s sixth Aurora Quiz.
As usual, the questions are a bit challenging, but to make it easier, all of them provide a 50% chance of being correct.

1. Dr G W Williams High School has been in the news regarding its pending move across Town. But who was Dr Williams: a former school board trustee, or the landowner where the school is currently located?
2. The East Holland River winds its way through the Arboretum between St John’s Sideroad and Wellington Street. The distance between these two roads is about 2 kms, but if you paddled between these two roads on the river, how far would you travel – more or less than 4 kms?
3. Based on a survey of total tree cover in Aurora conducted in 2016, how much is there; more or less than 25%?
4. Are there any street names in Aurora that are only two letters in length?
5. When the Region of York was created in 1971, Aurora’s current boundaries were established. Did these new borders make the Town larger or smaller than it was previously?
6. Lloyd Chadburn, a WW2 fighter pilot who grew up in Aurora, is notable for being the only RCAF plot to; be awarded the French Croix du Guerre, or fly his plane under the Eiffel Tower?
7. True or false; in area, all of Aurora’s parks combined are approximately the same size as the area bounded by the following streets: Yonge, St John’s, Bayview and Wellington?
8. Has an Auroran ever won an Olympic medal?
9. Which came first; the Town of Aurora or the country of Canada?
10. Aurora is part of two Federal ridings: Newmarket-Aurora, and Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill. In which riding is the largest percentage of our Town by area?
11. Have there been any black bear sightings in Aurora in the past 10 years?
12. Which appeared in Aurora first; a steam train or a library?
13. True or false; Salamander Pond, a popular winter skating surface on the west side of Town, was named after Alexander Salamander, a former back-up goalie for the Boston Bruins, who grew up in the area?
14. “Happy Woodlawn” is the Town’s largest retirement residence being built near St John’s and Leslie, or a now abandoned pet cemetery that operated in south Aurora in the mid 20th century?
15. True or false, “You’re in good company”, Aurora’s motto, is also the motto of Canberra, Australia?
16. The Ducks, Jokers and Saints are teams in which Aurora sports league; Masters Lacrosse, or Lawn Bowling?
17. True or false; the most common tree planted on Aurora’s boulevards is not native to Canada?
18. Aurora Council was recently reduced to 7 members. When the first Aurora Council met in 1863, were there more or less than this number?
19. The only National Historic Site in Aurora is Church St School or Hillary House?
20. Is the Town of Aurora closer to the North Pole, or the equator?


1. School board trustee
2. More – just over 5 kms – it’s a twisty river
3. More – 28%
4. No, but there are several with three
5. Larger, as it annexed parts of King and Whitchurch
6. He was awarded the Croix du Guerre
7. True, about 313 hectares
8. Yes, Jim Elder won an equestrian gold in 1968, and John Wood a silver in canoeing in 1976
9. Aurora, which was incorporated in 1863, four years before Confederation
10. Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill
11. Yes, two were seen in the Case Woodlot in May 2011 and one was captured near Yonge and Wellington in June 2009
12. The first steam train rumbled into Town in 1853 – the first library opened two years later in 1855
13. False, it was named after the local amphibian inhabitants
14. Pet cemetery
15. False, local license plates describe Canberra as “The Bush Capital”
16. Lacrosse
17. True. The Norway Maple is a European species introduced to North America in the 1700s
18. Less, there were 5 in total
19. Hillary House
20. The equator, but only barely as its location at 44 degrees latitude it is only one point shy of the mid-point between the pole and equator

0 – 5 You’re not from around here, are you?
6 -10 Not bad – you’re obviously a local
11 -18 Well done – you’ve been reading The Auroran
19 -20 Congratulations, you must have been a Citizen of the Year



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