Disagreement over stable neighbourhoods path

January 19, 2018   ·   0 Comments

I am writing a bit late as this issue surfaced around the holiday period and was not on the front page of the local paper:
We heartily disagree with the path that the elected officials are considering taking in this regard.
We did not move into a heritage designated house/neighborhood when we moved into Aurora. We simply moved into a lovely neighborhood where new development has since and suddenly become quite prevalent.
Through liberal zoning, strong tendencies to approve variances by the Committee of Adjustment and an OMB process that favours development (and, we feel, a Planning Department that appears very pro-Development), we find ourselves in a neighborhood that is “In Transition”.
In fact, it is so far “In Transition” that it is our belief that the ship has sailed….our nice homes are reduced to land value only. There has been such a momentum on our street that it is likely that every house on our street will eventually be torn down and rebuilt.
Now Council is thinking of coming along and restricting development temporarily? Affecting even the amounts we could get for the land value of our house?
You do realize that this means our houses will be unsaleable for that duration? What right do you have to affect our market values? When Mayor Dawe asks the question, “I have no knowledge whether this would negatively or positively affect property values?”…let me try a reply “It will negatively affect property values.”
We do reiterate that putting these points into action as an Interim Control Bylaw while “the staff report” is being done would be beneficial:
Times for Construction-should only be permitted 9 am-5 pm on weekdays excluding holidays–it feels like we live on a construction zone!
Lights on At Night-many new homes are built with downward casting pot lights outside and are very bright. These should not be on night after night in a “look at me” fashion…aside from the neighbour’s enjoyment/ inconvenience, isn’t there a consideration of light pollution?
Privacy-do not allow upper level balconies that overlook other’s backyards. Imagine what that feels like especially when you have a big house beside a normal sized house
Privacy-do not allow windows on the sides of big houses or be sparing of them and ensure they are small, if necessary, and do not impact the privacy of the neighbour
Privacy-do not allow another house built behind a house, to have full view of their neighbours backyard (within reason)
Sunshine-carefully consider the shadows that a new house will cast over the property of a neighbour’s house to ensure the sunshine they get currently in minimally impacted
Trees-that is the only thing that your Committee of Adjustment seems to consider so perhaps that is going well ..if so, keep it up but it should be part of your review and strengthened, if necessary
We have every right to enjoy our home and neighbourhood while we live here!
And these points should form part of the permanent solution as well!
Bottom line, we do not support any measures that would have a negative impact on our ability to sell our property at the highest price possible. Residential properties are the main investments for the majority of people and a key part of future retirement investment.

Joyce Deutsch



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