Aurorans have the right to enjoy property

November 1, 2017   ·   0 Comments

It is both interesting and profoundly sad to find that there is a focus in Aurora’s Operational Plan recognizing “the importance of ensuring that the stability and vibrancy of these existing neighborhoods is protected from the negative impacts of potential incompatible development and growth pressures” that have never been operationalized into real action by the Town to date.
Now a study by the Town will start to look into such matters.
I live on a cul de sac and have found that there has been no attention to our desire to protect the ambiance of our current neighborhood. That being said, luckily, I have found the new builds on our street to have been done with great taste to date but also know that could change with any future build.
Change is inevitable. The Town’s Planning staff espouse that line all the time as though it is a mantra. This is regardless of any current resident’s concerns and it has been disconcerting.
I think the BIG houses are here to stay, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that people who are considering buying into our neighborhood are now just looking for houses to tear down. We are against any legislation regarding “the control of building materials, colour and architectural detail.”
I am focused on allowing the BIG houses now that we have three on our street with three or four more coming soon. Our normal homes look like playhouses beside them so there is no turning back. It is our opinion that our houses are now land value only. Council did not protect the ambiance of our neighborhood and now it is too late– as they say “the horse has already left the barn”.
But that doesn’t mean that as current owners we should not have the right to enjoy our current property while we live here. That is the very least we can expect and that is what Council can do for us at this point!
I request that the Town focus on design elements that cause distress for current residents (or conversely, should allow for the current enjoyment of their property):
Do not allow upper level balconies that overlook other’s backyards. Imagine what that feels like especially when you have a big house beside a normal sized house. Do not allow windows on the sides of big houses or be sparing of them and ensure they are small, if necessary, and do not impact the privacy of the neighbour. Do not allow another house built behind a house, to have full view of their neighbors backyard (within reason).
Carefully consider the shadows that a new house will cast over the property of a neighbor’s house to ensure the sunshine they get currently in minimally impacted.
Many new homes are built with downward casting potlights outside and are very bright. These should not be on night after night in a “look at me” fashion…aside from the neighbor’s inconvenience, isn’t there a consideration of light pollution?
Sump Pumps, pool equipment, etc., should not impact the enjoyment/integrity of the foundation of neighboring properties by being relegated to the sides of already very narrow passageways between houses—new houses should be required to house this equipment in their own backyard.
Times for construction should only be permitted 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, excluding holidays. It feels like we live on a construction zone!
Bottom line: current residents have the right to enjoy the property they bought!

Joyce Deutsch



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