Lucid founder dismisses “scare tactic”

April 30, 2013   ·   0 Comments

We understand that Farley Flex thinks his team is “minus one member”.
In reality, Farley was the last to join the team I founded. He joined for two reasons; one was to get back into larger scale festival production and, two, because he does not have the multi-dimensional business scope Lucid has.
Why would he have needed our strategic technology? Farley is merely riding the waves Lucid made. He needed to get beyond the widths of dealing with kids in school, creating make believe opportunities and begin to learn how to create real ones; hence our purpose.
Farley is allowed to think the way he thinks. Giving real meaning to all events requires a real examination of facts; void of rhetoric and fiction. Farley wishes for people to believe we are using scare tactics. We have a solid case.
No part of it can be determined when clouded with spin or conjecture. Lucid are able to demonstrate for the judge how Farley’s actions have cost us significantly. This is clearly provable in our opinion. It may be easy to mislead the idealized “star struck” minds but we doubt he will have as easy a time with a civil court judge.
Many members came to us without the wherewithal to make proper pragmatic judgments in their own best interests, (hence the need for Lucid in the first place). Farley lacks the depth of knowledge I brought to his game. This was a primary factor for our partnership. The group saw that. Members depended on me to steer them in the direction of asking the right questions. I established trust due to my results; that is until Farley arrived.
Soon thereafter, the group shifted their dependence on him while I was building the festival and arranging meetings. Having “celebrity status” is not a good enough reason to allow someone to use you. Blinded by that, scare tactics and Farley’s distribution of false information, Farley used the same to dismantle the trust I had earned.
The remaining Lucid members that were not so easily manipulated were not given the courtesy of a return call to gain answers to questions regarding the email sent to the town with their names attached at Farley’s direction.
To block my examination of facts, Farley demanded a strict “no talk to George rule” thereby preventing any leaks being made to remaining members not a part to his mutiny.
With the mutiny going well, all agreements made for the protection of the entire group were now reserved for those under Farley’s leadership only. Obviously, his focus was the well-being of members he successfully swayed at Lucid’s expense.
Farley’s use of parroted phrases like “no leg to stand on” is merely a defensive attempt grounded in words; designed to maintain the belief in his own infallibility, thereby magically erasing the facts attached to his fiduciary breach.
Farley believes our confronting him over his bad practices is intended to prevent Aurora from having a festival; actually, his foolishness already did that. In reality, Farley will learn that judging skills in civil court are far more real than those found in a one-dimensional televised singing contest.
That said, we are hoping that the venture I set Farley up in is a successful one.

George Roche
Lucid Community Development



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