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INSIDE AURORA: The Goldilocks Time

May 10, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Scott Johnston

Aurorans may not realize it, but we’re in a bit of a sweet spot these days on a number of fronts.
In this case, a sweet spot is defined as the perfect moment in time that falls between two more extreme sets of events or circumstances.
Take the seasons, for example. Now that it’s early May, we’re at that ideal moment where we have stopped complaining about winter. The cold, the darkness, the endless shoveling, the freezing rain, and so many other similarly unpleasant memories are well behind us.
Conversely, we still have some time before we start grumbling about the extremes of summer: the heat and humidity, mosquitoes, weeding, listening to your neighbour starting up his lawnmower at 6 a.m. on Sunday…
You get the idea.
Lawns and trees are greening up nicely, and perennials are popping up, all without requiring any real effort on our parts.
Not too warm or too cool, nicely between the effort of tackling all those winter and summer household chores, it’s the “Goldilocks” time of year.
There’s not a lot to complain about.
On a related note are our roads. We’ve gotten out of the dicey driving conditions associated with ice and unplowed surfaces, most of the pot holes have been filled in, and we’re just ahead of the brunt of the upcoming road construction season.
We’re in that quiet in between time.
Apart from the weather and seasons, another sweet spot we happily find ourselves in is on the political front.
It’s been a while since the last election, at least on this side of the border, so apart from any hardcore political junkies out there, we’re all pretty much done with griping about the results of that last vote, whether it be at the federal, provincial or municipal level.
The next elections are not for another year, so again (junkies aside), the inevitable fatigue associated with all the hype, promises, advertising, and news coverage has not had a chance to consume our thoughts and become pervasive enough to start us wishing it was all over.
On the local political front, another sweet spot we find ourselves in is with respect to the Town budget.
The 2017 budget, whether you agreed with it or not, is set. There’s now a bit of breathing room before we start hearing all the arguing over the 2018 budget. That’s assuming, of course, that there is the opportunity for discussion, and it all doesn’t have to be fully allocated to cost overruns from recently completed projects from previous years.
A final Goldilocks moment we’re in is with respect to Christmas. By this time of year we have (hopefully) gotten through the pain of paying off our credit card bills, and (again, hopefully) have shed those extra pounds gained from the many edible temptations and rounds of parties and other seasonal get togethers.
Similarly, we’re far enough away from December that we have not started fretting about putting up decorations, finding gifts for people impossible to shop for, and fulfilling endless family obligations.
As well, we have yet to be besieged by holiday carols and advertising, although you know that time’s not far off.
Which brings us to the problem with all of these many sweet spots; they are fleeting moments that won’t last forever. So, enjoy them now while you can.

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