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MUFON offers “public service” to those with UFO experiences

March 29, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Brock Weir

It was early one morning a few years ago when Stu Bundy and his wife looked out their bedroom window and saw some mysterious “super bright” lights hanging over the former Aurora Highlands Golf Club.
Ultimately, this particular sighting turned out to be the lights from a police helicopter investigating a break-in at Bloomington Downs, but by the time Mr. Bundy got words to that effect from the York Regional Police, he was already in too deep.
Now, Mr. Bundy is Provincial Director of MUFON – the Mutual UFO network – and this Monday, April 3, MUFON is taking over the Aurora Soccer Club on Industrial Parkway South for an evening discussing possible UFO sightings locally and across Canada.
“We are a member-based organization for UFO enthusiasts,” says Mr. Bundy. “At these meetings we explain how we investigate [possible UFO sightings] and how we come to our conclusions. Either it is typically known, an IFO, as opposed to a UFO. It could be a plane, star, planet or drone. An unknown could be a bunch of other things as well. We don’t say there are little green men in a space ship, because you don’t really know for sure.
“At the second part of our meeting we open it up to the floor and people can come forward with their stories. There really are usually two stories that come out: either they have seen something, which is something they can’t explain, or they felt like they have had contact with an alien being, including abduction. Not many people come forward with that because there is still a big stigma of ridicule and people still have a negative connotation when someone comes forward and says, ‘I think I have been taken by an alien.’ It sounds crazy even to verbalize.”
But, as a former reporter, Mr. Bundy has always had a passion for looking beyond what some might consider “crazy.”
“I love to solve mysteries,” he says. “It is a passion. The [UFO phenomenon] is one of those huge stories and is an incredible mystery. What are these crafts? Where do they come from? What does the government know? There is obviously a cover-up, but what is it? It goes down and down.”
With the mystery comes the fear and anxiety, both issues with which MUFON tries to help its members and the public at large.”
“We help people because there is a lot of anxiety out there,” says Mr. Bundy. “People will come to us and say they saw this light, ‘We are scared, can you help me?’ Then there are the people who say they were abducted and need help.”
From there, their Experiencer Research Team springs into action and they put the individuals in touch. In some cases they will be referred to a hypnotherapist if they want to delve deeper into themselves to find out if they might have actually had a UFO experience.
“There is a lot of anxiety and fear out there, so it is almost like we are doing a public service,” he says. “Literally returning an email to someone takes the fear away. When you get them on the phone, they say, ‘Thank you for calling me back. I didn’t think anyone would. I was so worried.”

If you would like to come out to Monday’s meeting, and chat with like-minded individuals, MUFON meets at the Aurora Soccer Club at Highland Park from 7 – 9 p.m. Tickets are $5, available at the door, and there is a 40 person limit at the Club. For more information, email Stu Bundy at



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